Pump Pro Edits

Credits and Thanks

Let it be known that I don't try to be selfish. There are many people and places that I have to thank here.

The Obvious

Someone up there
This should be obvious.
This is also obvious.

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Real Life

North Carolina State University
They gave me the majority of my education.
University of North Carolina Wilmington
My present college, I have recently been accepted to their graduate school program.
Jboy AAA
He has helped with private testing on the website, and also had a machine available that I could use.
General good guy, he's provided friendship and support. Part of the website is in dedication to him.
Another good guy, he confirmed data about the USB section of the website.

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Pump Pro

Pump It Up: Pro
Without this game, this website would not have existed.
ANDAMIRO Entertainment
They made the original Pump It Up series, and are still going strong with NX:A.
Kyle Ward
It was Kyle that helped make me realize the potential of such a web site.
Ryan McKanna
He has kept my head cool in previous endeavors, so I thank him again here.
Jason Dread
Another nice guy, he has brought traffic to this page in the past.
Chris Danford and Kristina Proctor
I can't separate these two, nor do I want to. Both of them were a big help.
The other Pump Pro/StepMania Staffers and Developers
Too many to name, but all have contribtued to the Pump It Up: Pro engine in their own way.

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The Internet

He provided the original website space, and is a great PHP troubleshooter.
He was an excellent guide for the old versions of my step chart generator.
Another beta tester, he found some bugs that I was able to fix.
His videos and statistics were of big help for me.
Hatena Zubon
All of his edits, especially for Hasse Mich, proved useful.
TechPatterns' PHP & OS Detection Scripts
My original source for user agent switching, their code is useful on any PHP page.
The first redesign would not have taken place if it wasn't for this Python framework.
While on Pylons, database queries became simpler with SQLAlchemy. They also became more fun.
Symfony Project
The second redesign was thanks to this PHP framework. The learning curve is easy to work with.
Part of the 3rd series of this website, CodeIgniter is a slim framework that offers great flexibility.
He helped design the latest look to Pump Pro Edits thanks to...
JQuery UI
Web development is made easier with their frameworks and widgets.

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The Browsers

A great web browser, it offers many add-ons/extensions for both casual and professional users.
Apple's entry, it is sleek while also having powerful Inspectors.
While not many use this web browser, it has helped with web testing in the past.
Google's entry uses the same engine as Safari, but offers its own bells and whistles.
An excellent text browser, ELinks helped confirm the website was functional with just text.
One of the original text browsers, Lynx also helped with the text based previewing.

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Other Fan Sites

Pump It Up Pro Blog
They were one of the first fan websites to link to back here.
Pump Pro Plus
Fellow fan developer Crevolous and I have helped each other exchange data in the past.

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Hosts in our History

Site5 Web Hosting
The original host for this page, they've been good to me.
Slicehost - VPS Hosting
Anyone that requires a virtual private server should check these guys out. They used to host this website.
If anyone ever needs a la carte web hosting, these are the guys to go to.
My current host, I have many contacts that use them.

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